[Samba] Error running SWAT

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Oct 25 20:18:02 GMT 2004

>If I run http://localhost:901 I receive a 'connection refused' error
>message. I had a look in /etc/services and see these two lines as the
>only ones referring to port 901:
>swat            901/tcp         # CONFLICT, not official assigned!
>smpnameres      901/tcp         # SMPNAMERES
Don't forget to check your (x)inetd configuration.  I believe SuSE 
(which I don't run) is configured pretty much as Fedora (I do run) in 
that there is an /etc/xinet.d/swat file.  Check to make sure that there 
isn't a line in it that says
disable = yes
only from = localhost or
If you change this file, run /etc/init.d/xinet.d restart and see if it 
doesn't work afterwords.

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