[Samba] Error running SWAT

Paul Trevethan plist at internode.on.net
Mon Oct 25 20:10:12 GMT 2004

Running SuSE v9.0 and Samba v3.0.7. I have samba up and running ok with
printer and file shares working peer to peer with Win2000 box. However,
I would like to use SWAT for config purposes, rather than manual edit.

If I run http://localhost:901 I receive a 'connection refused' error
message. I had a look in /etc/services and see these two lines as the
only ones referring to port 901:

swat            901/tcp         # CONFLICT, not official assigned!
smpnameres      901/tcp         # SMPNAMERES

I don't know enough about the 'engine' of this stuff to understand how
to go about fixing this conflict - if in fact it is a conflict I should
fix. I presume the port is already in use and that is why SWAT errors.

Any guidance would be appreciated. This is only to enhance my knowledge
really. As I say, I do have samba working ok.


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