[Samba] Re: 'add/change/delete share command'(s) in smb.conf

webster at lexmark.com webster at lexmark.com
Sun Oct 24 18:56:34 GMT 2004

Igor & David,

Thanks for the replies.
However, what I think I'm reading is that there is no current solution for 
my problem, right?

As Igor states, how would the Windows GUI 'add/change/delete'(or even 
command-line 'rmtshare') commands (know to) use this [config] share?

I trust the 'user' , that's not a problem.
The problem is that I don't want them to always be 'root' on the Samba 
server, especially as they create most of the files.
There are other processes which rely on these files being owned by this 
particular user, not 'root' .

Gary R. Webster

Igor Belyi <sambauser at katehok.ac93.org>
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On a second thought... It doesn't matter if path is '/' or '/etc/samba'
- if user has access to edit smb.conf directly he/she can create similar
share with 'path = /' and 'force user = root' any time and have access
to the whole computer. So, I agree - you'd better trust 'theusername' as
if it were 'root'.


Igor Belyi wrote:

> Hm... Interesting idea... Since access is necessary only to smb.conf
> than probably changing share's path to
> 'path = /etc/samba' could be a better alternative...
> But then again.. how 'add/change/delete share commands' will know that
> this particular user has access to this [config] share even if path is
> left as '/'? So, it probably won't work via those commands - user will
> need to edit smb.conf by hand while accessing it via the [config] share.
> Igor
> David Rankin wrote:
>> This will work:
>> [config]
>>        comment = Admin Share
>>        path = /
>>        valid users = theusername
>>        force user = root
>>        force group = theusergroup
>>        admin users = theusername
>>        writeable = Yes
>> **** W A R N I N G **** whoever 'theusername' is will have complete
>> access
>> to all files listed in or below the path directory (your entire box
>> as shown
>> above). If you can limit the path to say /home or wherever the files of
>> concern are, you would be much better off.
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>>> webster at lexmark.com wrote:
>>>> Hello.
>>>> I need to allow one of my users to add & delete shares on my Samba
>> server
>>>> through the 'server manager' applet on his client .
>>>> This same user also writes some files to the same Samba server.
>>>> I don't want the files that he writes to be owned/written by 'root' .
>>>> The way I understand the 'add share command' currently, this is not
>>>> possible.
>>>> Am I missing something?
>>> I think you are right. User can not have more than 1 identity when
>>> connecting to Samba. If it's an Administrator everything will be done
>>> from the root account.
>>> Igor

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