[Samba] SMB password changes at will

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Fri Oct 22 15:00:48 GMT 2004

I'm not sure what is doing this, so please help to to figure out what 
options I might need to review.

My Samba admin password is, not surprisingly, not the same as the root 
password on the system. However, the Samba admin password keeps becoming 
the root password on the system (ie. I have a separate Samba admin 
password, but after awhile it will stop working and lo and behold, the 
real root password works for the Samba admin). I am trying to figure out 
what could be doing this... the only thing I think SHOULD be doing this is 
a change of the root password, as I am using PAM_smbpass, so UNIX 
passwords should sync the Samba password. However, I know that the root 
password is not changing on a weekly basis. What else could be the 

Thanks for the hints!

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