[Samba] "Advanced Printer Features" in Samba 3.0.7 / Cups 1.1.20 ...

Duckert, 10, Kreis TF duckert.10 at teltow-flaeming.de
Wed Oct 20 15:19:02 GMT 2004


I recently figured out, that it is impossible to activate the "Advanced
Printer Features" of any printer attached to a samba server. The idea was
simple: set up a cups print server, create raw printers, publish them via
Samba and distribute corresponding driver files. Everything works fine,
except of the general setting for the "Advanced Printer Features". Root is
able to change the value, but it is not saved.

Searching the web made me come to the conclusion, that other users already
got in trouble with it too. As far as I can assess it, there is no solution
for this kind of problem. Does anyone know if it is agonizing any samba
developer? Is there any samba developer planning to implement these features
in near future? If not, I unfortunately have to go back to a Windows Print
Server. That would be a pity!

Best regards A. Duckert

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