[Samba] Weird breakage with Roaming Profiles and Quotas

Dan Slatford dan.samba at foxhosts.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 15:02:06 GMT 2004

Been playing around with Samba as a domain controller a lot lately, with
a rather nice setup. Latest samba and openldap backend, running on
hardware SATA raid 5, with for the moment the only shares on XFS /home
partition ontop of LVM running XFS quotas. It's all nice and spangley,
expect for one thing..

It completely breaks when saving the roaming profile at logoff, and the
quota is reached. I don't understand how this is happening, it may not
the fault of samba at all, but here's what happens..

If the hard quota is reached, windows (XP Pro) cries about unable to
save the .tmp file for each file in turn that it's trying to save. As
you click OK to each one, it appears samba renames the random.tmp file
to the proper name. The oddness is that, all the files it creates and
names this way, *appear* to be their full size. They aren't, of course,
the quota according to du and repquota is being honored, but the
reported size of the files saved in the profile way exceeds this. I
presume, they aren't actually the size they are at all, but I don't know
how this is happening.

Worse, when the quota limit is removed, the files are not updated at the
next logoff. It seems windows must think the messed up files match the
local ones and not bother. You end up in a situation where there's no
telling which files actually have content and which are lying about
their size.


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