[Samba] "Advanced Printer Features" in Samba 3.0.7 / Cups 1.1.20 ...

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Oct 20 15:50:55 GMT 2004

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Duckert, 10, Kreis TF wrote:
| Hello,
| I recently figured out, that it is impossible to
| activate the "Advanced Printer Features" of any printer
| ttached to a samba server. The idea was simple: set up a
| cups print server, create raw printers, publish them via
| Samba and distribute corresponding driver files.
| Everything works fine, except of the general setting for
| the "Advanced Printer Features". Root is able to change
| the value, but it is not saved.
| Searching the web made me come to the conclusion, that
| other users already got in trouble with it too. As far as I
| can assess it, there is no solution for this kind of problem.
| Does anyone know if it is agonizing any samba developer? Is
| there any samba developer planning to implement these features
| in near future? If not, I unfortunately have to go back to a
| Windows Print Server. That would be a pity!

You should search the mailing list archives more often.  :-)
We went through this same thread 2 weeks ago.

The trhead starts here:


and my final reply is:


So the real question is what are using missing
by using RAW printing over EMF printing?  Are clients
using UNIDRIVER print drivers ?

cheers, jerry
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