[Samba] Issues/Questions about Samba 3.x.x versus it's Worki ng Status

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Oct 20 13:39:05 GMT 2004

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Melfi.Marcello at hydro.qc.ca wrote:

| 1. The question 1 was about not using winbindd when
| in ADS security mode. Is the answer still Yes? I know that
| it is true when in DOMAIN security mode.

Yes.  But see my posting yesterday about username mapping
semnatics in the current code.

| 2. About Question 6, from your answer, my understanding is
| that the Samba server must be in the same domain as
| the Win2K/Win2K3 server. In other words the full name of
| these machines would be "sambaserver.domaineA.com" and
| "win2kserver.domaineA.com". Is this true whether it is
| with the DOMAIN or ADS security mode?

The short answer anser to your question is that you should just
join the Samba box and Windows box to the same domain.

But Samba does have as close ties with the DNS domain as Windows
does.  But what you asking is more of a general question about
Windows domain security and not necessarily Samba.  I really
think you should spend some more time reading docs on Windows
domains.  You need to understand the concept of domain users
and groups and what it means to be a member of a Windows domain.

cheers, jerry
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