[Samba] After upgrade to 3.0.7 no Mac-Client (Dave) can access files on server...

Michael Alzheimer michael.alzheimer at macomm.dnsalias.org
Wed Oct 20 06:40:10 GMT 2004

Hi all,

since a samba upgrade i cannot store files from old macintosh clients...

Here the details:
The samba server runs on a Sun Sparc Server, samba version 2.2.8a.
The Mac-Client is unfortunately a MacOS 9 client.
To access the samba shares on the server i use the commercial product
"Dave" in Version 4.0.

Now i upgraded samba to version 3.0.7, didn't changed the configuration
But i cannot store / read files from the Mac-Client (Dave) any longer...
I always get on client side the error message (i try to translate, there
is no english language package)
"The object <FILENAME> cannot be written. Error Code -50"

some configuration changins with oplocks didn't helped.

This error code is nowhere listet at google in junction with Dave and
samba and i couldn't find a similar failure in the samba mailing list

thanx for any help,


  Michael Alzheimer
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  97794 Rieneck

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   and it scares the hell out of me
   and the end is all I can see

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