[Samba] Experience on using Samba with XP SP2

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon Oct 18 23:13:43 GMT 2004

Hi Walter,
i have the same setup samba 3.07 , cups win xp serv pack 2 german.
I have noticed that something changed in behavior after the upgrade to 
win xp serv pack 2 , but non of your described failures are comming
up in my setups for hp laser printers , and canon bjc 2000 as well as my 
pdf printer.
I only noticed after upgrade to serv pack 2 that ich have to refresh
the pinter icon in the taskbar now after printing is done to disapear.
also my standart paper size is now switching to letter and not staying 
to default dina 4.
But i have not upgraded my cups or/and win drivers ( which is allways 
recomended ), i wanted to cotroll this stuff these days but as this bugs 
are not really heavy for me , i will wait until there is time.
I dont think this is really a problem with samba.
Are you using cups?
How is your smb.conf, have you checked cups logs,
do you have the latest printers?
What are this Printers ( Manufacter )
Have disabled the xp firewall as well as the webclient services on xp,
what are the event logs talking at the win xp?
Is file sharing running corect with your samba machine?
Is it a stand alone spooler , do you do accounting, are you printing
via a printserver device or direct over lpd/usb
Do you use postscript/ghostscript filters, or direct win drivers?
All this stuff must be tested and controlled to give you the right 
answer/help...there is no naturally reason why printing with samba
should fail with win xp as far i know
Best Regards
Walter Willmertinger schrieb:
> We have problems with printing after installing XP SP2.
> In nearly every software it takes about 10 seconds to 30 seconds, if you 
> click on "Print-Button" and wait for the print dialogue window.
> Extremly slow are programs like MS Word (30 seconds, when you open a 
> document the first time).
> Another problem, (but I am sure it's not a samba related problem): In 
> some word documents you have problems viewing embedded graphics. 
> Sometimes you see the graphics, sometimes not. It is not a problem with 
> wrong settings (View - Use placeholders for Graphics). In preview there 
> is no graphics, maybe after some scrolling the graphics appear, on the 
> printout graphics are contained.
> Samba installed is 3.0.7 (compiled on RH 9.0 with standard options)!
> Regards, Walter
> rruegner schrieb:
>> CHAN YICK WAI schrieb:
>>> Just would like to ask if anyone has experience with Samba with XP 
>>> SP2, can
>>> you share with us?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Yw
>> Hi, for sure we share : it works
>> read the samba faqs for more info, and/or give us more detailed questions
>> Regards

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