[Samba] Experience on using Samba with XP SP2

Walter Willmertinger willmertinger at consys.de
Mon Oct 18 08:14:42 GMT 2004

We have problems with printing after installing XP SP2.
In nearly every software it takes about 10 seconds to 30 seconds, if you 
click on "Print-Button" and wait for the print dialogue window.
Extremly slow are programs like MS Word (30 seconds, when you open a 
document the first time).

Another problem, (but I am sure it's not a samba related problem): In 
some word documents you have problems viewing embedded graphics. 
Sometimes you see the graphics, sometimes not. It is not a problem with 
wrong settings (View - Use placeholders for Graphics). In preview there 
is no graphics, maybe after some scrolling the graphics appear, on the 
printout graphics are contained.

Samba installed is 3.0.7 (compiled on RH 9.0 with standard options)!

Regards, Walter

rruegner schrieb:

> CHAN YICK WAI schrieb:
>> Just would like to ask if anyone has experience with Samba with XP 
>> SP2, can
>> you share with us?
>> Thanks,
>> Yw
> Hi, for sure we share : it works
> read the samba faqs for more info, and/or give us more detailed questions
> Regards

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