[Samba] Problems with Samba on Mandrake

Kristiaan Davies kristiaan.davies at sourcesoftware.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 15:45:24 GMT 2004

Hello just to let everyone know ima using

Linux 9.2 installed via FTp from a Mandrake Mirror using inbuilt version of samba that came with it.

the problem i have got is this i cannot get the PC to showup on my windows network it`s configured and if i use the internal IP address i acn access all the shares as normal i have changed the Samba name a few times and as a result somehow have three names on my workgroup display Lulu1, Lulus and Linux none of these are accessable and none of them show any file shares not to mention this i still have another workgroup MDKgroup which is not accessable and i assume has no PC`s in it, my question is howdo i setup the PC to show on my workgroup and give me access to it from

\\lulu\ NOT \\\ which is the only way i can currently access the machine
 i`m also a Linux newbie so if you want to know anything techincal you`ll have to let me know what i need todo to get it.


p.s. this is very urgent as my present fileserver is`nt working and i`m trying to get this setup to replace it

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