[Samba] "Incorrect function" with Windows XP offline files

Tom Laermans tom.laermans at luciad.com
Mon Oct 18 15:44:36 GMT 2004


One of our users is trying to use the function "Make available offline" 
to locally store and sync some files on one of our network shares. 
However, since he upgraded to Windows XP (from Windows 2000), he now 
gets the error "Incorrect function" and no files are synched 
(directories are, however).

Our samba version is 3.0.7 (well, 3.0.7-0.backports.org.1 on debian to 
be exact).

Something that *might* be the cause is that that PC has Windows XP SP2 
installed, while others (where the synchronizing works) are Windows XP SP1.

Any pointers? Is this a bug? Did microsoft introduce something new in 
SP2 again which breaks Samba?

Tom Laermans
System Administrator

Luciad NV
Parijsstraat 74, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Email   tom.laermans at luciad.com
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