[Samba] script in netlogon isn't run

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Mon Oct 18 14:32:51 GMT 2004

I found a part of my problem why my logon.bat script wasn't run on loging.
I 've created my user with idealx tools like : smbldap-useradd -a -m -c 
"Pat DUBAU" pat and so the following fields where filed in ldap
    sambaLogonScript: pat.cmd
    sambaProfilePath: \\FS1\profiles\pat
    sambaHomePath: \\FS1\home\pat
    sambaHomeDrive: logondrive:
(configuration found in /etc/smbldap-tools/smbldap.conf)
It seems that samba won't take the instructions in smb.conf when this 
datas exists in LDAP...

So i have a question : what's the sense to put this information in samba 
fields in LDAP ? Is there a special reason ?

I removed this field from my ldap account. When i loging now the 
logon.bat script is run but VERY slowly (about 5 minutes)  for  just 2 
The network drives are created.

Second question :  why is it so long for the script to be run ? also 
when i click on the netlogon share then on an another share i still have 
the sand-hour for several minutes (not when i go from share 'commun' at 
share 'prothee"

thanks for any help

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