[Samba] remove wins entries - samba 3

Gerald Griessner ggriessn at salzburgresearch.at
Mon Oct 18 10:13:13 GMT 2004


I'm using samba 3.0.7 as file server and WINS server.

We have a primary domain called BIKER which is working great.
Anyhow, for some testing purpose we are using different Workgroups now and 
The problem is, those Workgroups stay in the "Network Neighborhood" 
although they are offline for quite a while.
When I'm moving a Workstation from a workgroup to the domain, it still 
stays available in the Workgroup.
Additionally when we switch off a Domain member for a few days it still 
stays in the Domain.

This is quite annoying since we now have tons of entries currently not used 
any more.
I was browsing the Net and the Mailing lists, ...
The only solution was "remove wins.dat and browse.dat and restart samba"
Despite that I'm not very happy with this solution in a productive 
environment, all the entries came back.

Is there a possibility to limit the "network neighborhood" to one 
What is the best solution to permanently remove a workstation from the wins?

Thx in advance

p.s. here is my config (the relevant parts, ...):

wins support = yes
wins proxy =  no
domain master = yes
local master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 50
name resolve order = wins host
max ttl = 7200
max wins ttl = 7200
min wins ttl = 3600

dns proxy =  no

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