[Samba] Small bug with Samba 3.0.7's smbd process (or just a bad compilation)???

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 12 17:53:59 GMT 2004

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Marcello Melfi wrote:

| Normally, when Samba is started, there should be one
| smbd process and one nmbd process up and running. Then,
| one additional smbd process is started for each share established
| with a client pc. However, this is not the case here. When I
| start Samba 3.0.7, I get two (instead of one) smbd processes
| and one nmbd process. Other then that, everything seems to
| work ok (although I did nor had the time to perform a lot
| of testing...). Is this a new Samba feature or is
| there something wrong here?

New feature.  The second child process is responsible for
updating the lpq cache for various printers.  Although we're
still working out a few issues with it for 3.0.8.

cheers, jerry
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