[Samba] Mac OS X winbind on Samba domain

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed Oct 6 07:30:42 GMT 2004

Jim Potter wrote:

>    Has anyone managed to get a Mac (OS X I'm using) to authenticate 
>to a Samba/NT domain? I've been playing with this all day, and am 
>not getting very far - smbd, nmbd and winbind (3.0.2) all run fine, 
>I can see the domain, can connect individually to windows shares, 
>wbinfo shows users (and groups, I assume), but there's no hints as 
>far as what the equivalent to nsswitch.conf (there's no 
>libnss_winbind.so, or /etc/nsswitch.conf). I was hoping to set them 
>up similarly to adding Linux clients, as domain members with 
>automount or something. OS X looks enough like linux to be 
>comfortable, but not enough like it for me to be able to get it to 

I believe the answer is (probably) a combination of LDAP and 
OpenDirectory (Apples centralised admin system) - though I'm not at 
all sure which bits are OS X Server only and which are avialable in 
the desktop version. You can find manuals at 

If you look in the OpenDirectory admin guide you will find some 
fairly detailed stuff on what a Mac will look for in a directory 
services server (OpenDirectory is basically an LDAP schema) which 
should help you work out what you want.


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