[Samba] smb-scripts package

daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br daves-jr at cecom.ufmg.br
Sat Nov 27 13:45:58 GMT 2004

Hi guys,

I wrote some scripts to help in Samba management, giving support to Samba
rpc calls. I would like that you tested and evaluated this package, sending
me critical and suggestions. This package name is smb-scripts and can be
found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/smb-scripts. The original
documentation was written in portuguese but is alrealdy being translated to
Sorry my english...


Emerson Henrique Kfuri Pereira

Divisão de Atendimento e Consultoria
CECOM - Reitoria - UFMG
 Telefone: 34994009

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