[Samba] Windows - Samba freeze/slow browsing problem

Tanasescu Mihai skyraven at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 12:12:13 GMT 2004


I have the following setup and problems and wanted to ask if anyone could help.

Network 1 -- 192.168.1.xxx     -----
Network 2 -- 192.168.2.xxx          |------ Switch with port based
vlan and a Samba Server which
   |                                             |         is placed
in all port based vlan's and has ip aliases
   |                                             |         from all
Network 1 through 10
Network 10 -- 192.168.10.xxx  -----

The Samba server is acting as LMB, DMB and wins server.

Apparently everything works fine: samba becomes LMB for all subnets
and DMB, wins has got a lot of entries; nmblookup for master browser
works fine; resolving names through wins (tested from linux) works
All computers are placed under the same workgroup (well 90% of them).

But when I try from a windows Xp/2000 station to access the network
upon clicking on My Network Places the computer freezes for about
20-40 seconds. Afterwards I get to see a list of available workgroups.
After clicking on my workgroup (the one managed by the samba server)
again the computer freezes for 20-40 seconds.
Afterwards I see a list of all computers and can acces them just fine
and if I click back on explorer to return to the browse list of
computers in my workgroup, sometimes I get a freeze (once in something
like 8-10 refreshes) but usually it works without any more problems.
(as long as I don't go back to my network places or to the workgroups
choosing screen).

Any idea what's causing this ?
Or how can I solve it ?

>From my Linux smb4k program where I have configured it to use wins and
the samba master browser everything works without lagging or freezing.

If anyone would have the time to look my smb.conf file can be found at:



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