[Samba] create account that can join machines but not admin access on domain

Daniel Wilson daniel.wilson at sunderland.ac.uk
Wed Nov 17 11:49:36 GMT 2004

hi list,

im using samba 3.0.8 with LDAP,

To add a machine to the domain i currently use the administrator account
(which has uidNumber=0), which means this account has automatic root on
all of the shares (my shares arnt using samba, im using NetApps Filers,
which have been configured to authenticate via samba), when we roll this
project out accross the university (approx 50,000 users) we want the
technicians in each school to be able to add machines to the domain but
not get root/admin access to all the shares.

So my question is, Can you create an account that can add machines to
the domain but doesnt get root/admin priveldges on all the shares/domain
(as the would conflict with human rights issues etc...)


Daniel Wilson
Systems Administrator

IT & Communications Service
University of Sunderland
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Chester Road

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