[Samba] Profile inaccessable

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Nov 17 14:16:15 GMT 2004

I realize this may not/probably does not have anything to do with samba 
per se, but it didn't happen before I upgraded/rebuilt this particular 
server on 3.0.7.  I'll ask anyway in case somebody has seen this...

I have ONE user on ONE workstation that occasionally gets locked out of 
his workstation with the message about a corrupt/inaccessable profile, 
using a temp (sorry for not having the exact text, I've killed people 
for lesser offenses myself).  When I go in as administrator I see that 
his profile has status= backup.  While mucking about with it I've found 
that if I do a 'copy to' operation from that screen then it will let the 
user back in again.  I just now attempted a copy, and it failed due to 
some locked file, but the user tried to log back in after I rebooted it 
and was able to.  It appears that the mention of this 'copy' operation 
fixes it, as if the profile were somehow saying that it needed to be 
backed up and this clears that bit.

I have tried rebuilding the profile from the default on the machine, 
with no luck.  We don't run a mandatory profile, and this particular 
user has been set to not roaming back to a local profile via the User 
Profiles screen in the computer -> properties page.

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