[Samba] Connecting Users to Windows Home Directory From Linux Server

Tom Lockwood lockwood at hemlock.k12.mi.us
Tue Nov 16 21:15:30 GMT 2004

I have samba installed and working.


Winbindd is working, that is the wbinfo -g, wbinfo -u, getent passwd all
return valid user and password lists. I also configured pam.d
system-auth module for winbind and I am using the: winbind separator = +


These windows users can logon locally to the Fedora server, but only if
I specify a valid home directory manually for them.


What I'd like to do is perform some kind of mapping or some kind of link
at logon so that the user is connected to their windows home directory.
I've tried: template homedir = '\\windowservername\%U' and that doesn't
work. I've tried a bunch of other stuff that's equally useless. 


I have a couple of Samba references and they don't seem to help. Maybe
what I'm trying to do is trivial but with little Linux experience I've
been struggling for weeks.


Thanks for any help.




Tom Lockwood

Technology Director, Hemlock Public Schools


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