[Samba] Was: Rolex was never so cheap - how these guys manage to spam the list?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Tue Nov 16 22:00:54 GMT 2004

Schott, Erik J Mr ANOSC/FCBS wrote:
> Not quite that elaborate, Tomasz.  Many of these lists are archived
> elsewhere on other websites (i.e. archives.neohapsis.com, et al) and all the
> spammers have to do is search for the list's mailing address and they are
> off to the races.

But they still won't be able to post to the list unless they are subscribed.

I know that all they have to do is browse a few fresh posts from the 
list, look for "address (at) server dot tdl" and then transform it to 
the real email and send an email to the group from address at server.tdl email.

But I checked google.com and groups.google.com for "stevenfrey_fp" 
(beginning of an email spam was sent/faked from) - it doesn't exist there.

So bots (or real people?) really do get subscribe to the list to spam it.

BTW did you see Sugarplum - an automated spam-poisoner? It generates 
"random" pages with random-faked emails for email harvesters :)

This is a demo of what it does http://www.devin.com/peaches/ :)


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