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Tue Nov 9 17:06:08 GMT 2004

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Ryan Novosielski wrote:
| I recently downloaded and installed v3.0.8 and installed it on HP-UX
| 11.11. Thankfully, all of the compile problems I reported in 3.0.2 are
| now gone (not sure why no one ever acknowledged my bug, but whatever).

That was my fault.  I dropped the ball.  Someone else picked
up some patches for HP-UX.

| However, now my system is complaining that TCP_NODELAY is not a valid
| option. I did not turn it off during the compile, don't see it listed as
| an option, and worse than that, it is a default option in smb.conf. Can
| anyone give me a clue as to what might have happened?

it's one of the default 'socket potions' that gets set.
Just override this in smb.conf if its not working for you.
And if you come up with a good set of defaults for HP-UX,
let me know and I'll try not to forgot about you this time.

cheers, jerry
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