[Samba] Using domain logons with 2 controllers and wireless lan

mc mc at netx.com.hk
Thu May 27 04:18:24 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Sorry if the subject is a bit irrelevant or hard to understand, I have no
idea on what subject should I put down.

My company has a samba domain controller. All users must logon before they
can gain access to the fileserver and printers. My home also has a samba
domain controller. I use it mainly for file sharing on my home network.

Now I am planning to purchase a laptop with wireless connectivity. But then
some problems came to my mind:

  1) What do I need to do in order to logon to my company network when I am
at work, and logon to my home network when I am at home? They have different
domain names. Do I need to join/leave the domains everytime before I can use
the network shares? Or did I designed the network wrongly?

  2) If it is not possible to join both domains in the same machine, what
changes could I make to the network(s)? I am asking this question because I
saw a pull down combo box in the Windows logon screen.

  3) Can I logon using wireless lan? 'coz someone told me that wireless lan
drivers have to be loaded and activated after logged on to the machine.. If
this is possible, what nic and access points are needed? Or Perhaps could
this be a limitation in Windows so that these wlan nic must be started after
user logon? Could anyone having experience on this matter share with me? I
would like to hear from both success and failed ones.

  4) Is it possible to logon to my company network over Internet or whatever
mechanism from remote places? so that I can gain access to those file shares
when I am at home.

Sorry to ask so many questions. I am a newbie to windows networking..and I
hope these are not off-list questions.


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