[Samba] Help Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases)

Romeyn Prescott prescor at digirom.potsdam.edu
Wed May 19 14:35:47 GMT 2004

At 3:03 PM +0100 5/19/04, Mac scribbled:
>>>  WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH: I want this one server to present
>>>  itself to Windows Networking as both "ctstools" and "ftp" such that
>>>  when clients browse to \\ctstools all they see is the [tools] share
>>>  and that when they browse to \\ftp they see whatever shares I place
>>>  there.
>>>  I'm missing something simple.  I know it.
>Right.  It's not actually that simple, and it's only sort of to do with
>You're trying to use the %L to select an 'include' file (Note that it could
>select a 'config file' instead).
>Samba gets %L from the client (Windows 98, XP, OS/2 or whatever) when
>the client talks to it using using SMB over NBT (NetBIOS over TCP).
>The standard port for NBT is 139.
>Modern clients can use also SMB directly over TCP.  (i.e. there's no NetBIOS
>The standard port for this 'direct' SMB is port 445.
>Remember that %L is the NetBIOS name of the server.  When using port 445
>there is no NetBIOS being used, so the client doesn't supply the server
>name and Samba can't get %L for you.
>(See http://us4.samba.org/samba/docs/man/smb.conf.5.html#id2429318 )
>So, in order for %L to work you need to to force your clients to talk to
>you with NBT.  I'd say your Samba should listen only on port 139 and not
>on any other port.

Simple enough for me!!  'smb ports = 139' and I'm in business.  THANK YOU.

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