[Samba] Help Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases)

Mac mac at nibsc.ac.uk
Wed May 19 14:03:09 GMT 2004

>> WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH: I want this one server to present 
>> itself to Windows Networking as both "ctstools" and "ftp" such that 
>> when clients browse to \\ctstools all they see is the [tools] share 
>> and that when they browse to \\ftp they see whatever shares I place 
>> there.
>> I'm missing something simple.  I know it.

Right.  It's not actually that simple, and it's only sort of to do with

You're trying to use the %L to select an 'include' file (Note that it could
select a 'config file' instead).

Samba gets %L from the client (Windows 98, XP, OS/2 or whatever) when
the client talks to it using using SMB over NBT (NetBIOS over TCP).

The standard port for NBT is 139.

Modern clients can use also SMB directly over TCP.  (i.e. there's no NetBIOS

The standard port for this 'direct' SMB is port 445.

Remember that %L is the NetBIOS name of the server.  When using port 445
there is no NetBIOS being used, so the client doesn't supply the server
name and Samba can't get %L for you.

(See http://us4.samba.org/samba/docs/man/smb.conf.5.html#id2429318 )

So, in order for %L to work you need to to force your clients to talk to
you with NBT.  I'd say your Samba should listen only on port 139 and not
on any other port.

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