[Samba] samba 3.0.4 on Debian sid

Rafal Pietrak rafal at zorro.isa-geek.com
Tue May 18 08:26:21 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone have tried to build v3.0.4 on Debian unstable
(curently it's sid)?

It failed for me, and I had to make changes to packages/Debian/debian/* to
have it go. It looks like the debian directory there comes from quite old
days and samba evolved to the point where not all of it curently apply.

The main problem is, that two chunks of fhs.patch get rejected.

In the patches I include here, those two chunks are removed from fhs.patch
(the new patch is thus included here), and 'currently applicable' versions
of those chunks are in fhs-rp1.patch. I've made this split to allow for
easier inspection. For distribution, those should probably be 'cat-ed'
togather again as fhs.patch replacement.

I also had to change some debian control files to have the package build.
Those changes are in debian-files.patch, which SHOULD NOT be put into
debian/patches as the fhs*.patch should, but applied manually BEFORE
dpkg-buildpackage is run (by doing: patch -p0 ...).


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