[Samba] Automated response

MKS Toolkit Support tk_support at mkssoftware.com
Sat May 15 07:34:26 GMT 2004

This is an automated e-mail response and is for notification purposes
only, please do not reply.

The Technical Support organization at MKS Interoperability Business Unit
has received your correspondence and you will be contacted to discuss
this matter further.
Please note that our web site (<http://www.mkssoftware.com/support>) has
many technical references including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a
list of supported APIs and utilities, as well as the resource kit and
directions for obtaining your free copy of the porting guide.  Also note
that you can submit service request through the web at:

Thank you for contacting MKS Technical Support


MKS Software, 
12450 Fair Lakes Circle, 
Fairfax, VA  22033 USA
+1-703-803-7660 voice, +1-703-803-3344 fax
Mail to: tk_support at mkssoftware.com, <http://www.mkssoftware.com>

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