[Samba] Guest shares

antonio at kabaya.homelinux.org antonio at kabaya.homelinux.org
Sat May 15 09:34:19 GMT 2004

Use :

security = share

By default security = user and you need passwd at 2 sides -- samba and win


> I'm trying to setup Samba to function like a regular XP box connected to a
> workgroup.  In that I mean that there is no password to browse or to
> connect
> to certain shares.  Just like an XP box in Workgroup mode.  Just connect
> and
> go.  I have tried using various combinations of public = yes, guest ok =
> yes, and guest only = yes with no luck.  No matter what I do I'm prompted
> for a password on the XP boxes.  Using the smbclient with the -N flag
> works
> however.  What am I doing wrong?
> -- David Russell
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