[Samba] HP-UX 11i and Inability to run Samba 3.0.x

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed May 12 13:30:37 GMT 2004

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Ryan Novosielski wrote:

| Thanks a lot -- I've been trying to get our machines upgraded
| to 3.0.x lately, and I have been running into that
| buffer error and this PANIC over and over. The funny thing
| is it SEEMS to work OK (and a fair amount faster
| than 2.2.x) and then under a moderate load, the whole
| thing starts to flake out and become unresponsive,
| slow, and unreliable -- often remedied by a restart to an
| extent. A fellow staff member actually cron'd a
| stop/start at 15 minute intervals to attempt to limp along.
| I would be happy to provide any testing assistance that I
| can. We have gotten a lot out of Samba and would certainly
| be willing to help give back.

Thanks Ryan,

If you could send me a level 10 debug log surround thing
crash, that would be a start.  I think this is just a
byte ordering bug similar to the one that was fixed in
the printing code a couple of months ago.

cheers, jerry
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