[Samba] shares in webbrowsers

Strömberg Peter peter.stromberg at dynamics.saab.se
Wed May 12 05:57:00 GMT 2004

Hi all!

I am running a 2 pc home network. The firs pc is running w2k. The second one
is running RH9. On the RH9 pc i have samba 2.2.7a up and running. My problem
is that i cant connect to the w2k pc with Konqueror or Mozilla. I can see
the shares but opening a share just leaves me with an empty folder. I can
connect with smbclient //pcw2k/share and mget an so on. I can also connect
from Win explorer. There are not any noticable delays or any other strange
behaviour. Has anyone else seen this?
Does anybody know a solution? upgrade samba??


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