[Samba] Problems with charsets and i18n

Ralf Tomczak r.tomczak at scitech-gmbh.de
Tue Mar 30 14:30:52 GMT 2004

Thanks for your help. UTF-8 isn't really a solution because some of my
systems are not unicode aware and the file names are simply unreadable that
way. But does anyone know how relies 'unix charset' to the locales of the

Good news for you: utf8 works fine. Sadly I need LATIN9 ... :(


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> Indeed, I have the same problem, but I am an a production 
> server and cannot 
> try UTF-8. Maybe u do this for me and u. If u found the 
> problem please let me 
> know. Maybe I can try with u tonight.... Then I'll let u know too...
> Best regards
> Sascha

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