[Samba] Problems when executing a DOS batch file on a Samba Server

COMSA Radu raducomsa at easynet.ro
Tue Mar 30 13:11:14 GMT 2004

I have the following problem when I execute a DOS batch file
on a Samba 3.0.0 Server on a Linux Fedora operating system:

The Samba Server shares a directory with the following attributes:

            path = /disk_g
            writeable = yes
            valid users = winuser
            create mask = 0777

The workstation (a Windows 98 computer) has mapped disk_g with the 
G: drive letter.

The batch file is a complex compile command. It contains between his 
lines this command:
IF EXIST .\OBJ\*.VAR FOR %%x IN (.\OBJ\*.VAR) DO DEL %%x /p
The current directory for the .bat file is:

When I execute this batch file, on the G: drive it crashs with the message

General failure reading drive G:
Abort, Retry, Fail? F
Fail on INT24

When I execute the whole operation on the local computer it works properly.
When I replace the line in the batch file with

 del .\OBJ\*.VAR 

the batch file steps over this line bat crashs
at the end, when I want to rename my exe file,
with the same error. It seems like the files are locked for another operation.
This batch file was working properly on an older Samba server
on a Linux Red Hat 5.2 operating system in the same conditions.
If You have an ideea or a solution for my problem, please help me.

Thank You.
Radu Comsa

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