[Samba] Can't re-add NT box to domain

Chris Tepaske chris at lincom.net.au
Mon Mar 29 06:11:23 GMT 2004

NT4 box are not known as DC only Win 2K and Win 2003 box are DC's in NT 4
you have a PDC or a BDC and yes you can not have a NT 4 PDC or BDC in a
Samba domain. In order for your NT 4 box to be either a PDC or BDC you would
have specified it during the install. In order to tell now I would look in
the Admin tools on the NT box and see if you can find server manager, open
it up and see what it says, it should tell you if you have a PDC or BDC. If
your server is a PDC then if you want to join the Samba domain you will need
to rebuild it as a member server.


Chris Tepaske 

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> From:  Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>
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> samba can't operate as a DC in conjunction with Windows based DC's -
> With samba 3.0 -> 3.0.3pre1 - you can have multiple samba BDC's with a
> samba PDC but in no other fashion.

So how do I tell the NT4 box that it is *not* a DC?  I don't understand why
thinks it is one.


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