[Samba] Windows client using UPPERCASEto connect to Samba 3.02a serve

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Mar 24 15:01:54 GMT 2004

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rrr wrote:

> I installed Samba 3.02a server on Fedora Core 1 server . I have NT :( as
> PDC so Samba check Username/Password on this server and I add a line in
> smb.conf to add new users to the Unix. All usernames on the NT domain ar
> lowercase and I'm using security=domain While I can map drive from
> NT/2000/XP workstation I'm not able to connect or map from Windows 98
> clients. When I'm typing NET USE S: \\samba\testuser on the command
> prompt I'm getting this msg on the Windows client:
> C:\WINDOWS\Desktop>net use s: \\samba\testuser 
> The password is invalid for \\SAMBA\TESTUSER. 
> For more information, contact your network
> administrator. Type the password for \\PUMA\TESTUSER:
> I run smbd -i -d 2 to see what happen on the Linux machine at the
 > same time in this is the resault:

run smbd -d 10 -i and look again.  There's a lot of missing

cheers, jerry
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