[Samba] Change hostname from "localhost"

Neil Muller neil at neologix.net
Fri Mar 19 03:49:32 GMT 2004

Bjørn Næsby Nielsen wrote:

>OK I have tried what seems like every possible method, but the bloody thing
>just won't work. So I am asking for help from this list...
>I have set up RH7.3, using the out-of-the-box SMB configuration, having
>added only the name of my workgroup, and uncommented the allowed range of IP
>adresses (which match our LAN network's 192.168.1 ).
>The problem is, that when I use a PC to connect to my linux box, the
>hostname of my Samba Server is "localhost" which of course isn't acceptable
>since it already exist. I would like it to be "poweredge", and have tried
>changing the network host configuration accordingly, but I am uncertain how
>it should be done.
>This is how my host configuration looks like on the machine acting as Samba
>Server :
>IP                     Hostname                      Alias
>          localhost.localdomain    localhost
>    localhost                       poweredge
In your hosts file try          
poweredge                                           poweredge


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