[Samba] Re: Change hostname from "localhost"

Bjørn Næsby Nielsen 120010333572 at post.tele.dk
Fri Mar 19 11:39:43 GMT 2004

"Neil Muller" <neil at neologix.net> skrev i en meddelelse
news:405A6DCC.7030502 at neologix.net...
>In your hosts file try
>poweredge                                           poweredge

Hi Neil, and thanks. I've done this adjustsment (and then some), and it has
finally started working. Phew.

So it seems the LMHOSTS file used by Samba is a kind of "backup" for the
actual hosts file? Why the need for two, almost identical files? (I am
trying to get to grips with the basics of Samba, but couldn't find any info
on this)

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