[Samba] Change hostname from "localhost"

Bjørn Næsby Nielsen 120010333572 at post.tele.dk
Thu Mar 18 16:47:00 GMT 2004

OK I have tried what seems like every possible method, but the bloody thing
just won't work. So I am asking for help from this list...

I have set up RH7.3, using the out-of-the-box SMB configuration, having
added only the name of my workgroup, and uncommented the allowed range of IP
adresses (which match our LAN network's 192.168.1 ).

The problem is, that when I use a PC to connect to my linux box, the
hostname of my Samba Server is "localhost" which of course isn't acceptable
since it already exist. I would like it to be "poweredge", and have tried
changing the network host configuration accordingly, but I am uncertain how
it should be done.

This is how my host configuration looks like on the machine acting as Samba
Server :

IP                     Hostname                      Alias          localhost.localdomain    localhost    localhost                       poweredge

...and inside the "LMHOSTS" file, it reads: poweredge poweredge

somewhere along the line I must have messed things up...but the solution is
probably simple?


Bjorn Nesby

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