[Samba] Dynamic DNS under LINUX clients to a MS DNS Server

Aaron Grewell agrewell at uwb.edu
Mon Jun 21 16:07:37 GMT 2004

I think the program you want is nsupdate-gss.  It's downloadable from the
various Samba mirrors.

Try here:

There's a Net-DNS patch that may need to be applied to your Perl
installation's Net::DNS module.  My (limited) understanding of this program
is that you must have Samba up and running and have joined your workstation
to the local domain as a member.  Then the script should be able to use the
creds established by your computer account to add a DNS entry.  I haven't
actually used it since I run the DNS here.  If you run into troubles that
the list can't help with you may have to ask Andrew Tridgell directly since
he wrote the script.


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Hi !

I am a lonesome penguin in Siemens Austria fighting my battle against the
"mouseschubbsers". I have a specific problem I would like to get assistance
form any kind soul:

network administration is denying any static dns entries in the domain and
does not add a reverse entry on the DNS server for the name resolution of my
client linux box.

So now it comes. I know there is the nsupdate tool existing which in bind
version 9 allows to do even signed/crypted requests for reverse entries. As
I understand this is a precondition for doing the reverse resolution
registration on MS DNS. To the point I am totally lost on this topic as I am
not an expert (actually not even a newbie :o). Is there anyone outside in
the community that would help me on this topic ??

I really would appreciate any assistance to proove to the SBS guys in our
company that open source prevails !


PS: Please include my email address thomas.eitzenberger - at - siemens . com
in the reply as I am running samba as daily digest and maybe oversee your
reply which would be a pitty for me :o)
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