[Samba] XP Hacks?

Stuart Jones stuart.jones at univ.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 21 14:43:22 GMT 2004


I've got samba 2.2.7 running as a PDC, with XP and 98 machines on the 
domain.  If I set up a share on a PC, with permission restricted to a 
certain user account, e.g. "John" then log on to the domain on another 
PC as user "John", I can't access it; if the share's on an XP machine, I 
get "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary 
domain failed", and if the share's on a 98 machine I get "there are no 
logon servers available to service the request".

If, however, I log on to the domain as "Stu", then map a network drive, 
connecting as "John", it works fine.

Any ideas???  All XP machines have had the signorseal registry hack 



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