[Samba] BackupExec Agent on Samba

Tony Whitmore tonywhitmore at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 18 16:36:54 GMT 2004

Kevin Bramblett wrote:
> Is there an improved BackupExec Unix agent available that works with Samba?
> If not, can someone tell me how to work around the lack of the archive bit
> that Linux has?  In particular, RedHat Linux 7.2 is the system I'm looking
> for help on.

I have recently set up a Samba 3 server and have still not found a way 
to backup data using BackupExec on a Windows server to connect to a 
Samba share. (We are using an older version of BackupExec; perhaps newer 
versions have solved the problem.)

The Unix Agent for BackupExec (available from Veritas' FTP server) is 
really independant of Samba. By installing the BackupExec Agent for Unix 
(binary only, sadly) on our Linux system (running Debian Stable with a 
2.6.6 kernel) the server then appeared in the list of BackupExec Agents 
in the program on the NT server. Testing showed that Unix permissions 
were saved and restored correctly using the BackupExec Agent - something 
that I did not think would happen had the files been restored using Samba.

The documentation on Vertias' website suggests that it is still not 
possible to do differential backups from a Unix system (presumably 
because of the lack of an archive bit.

To get around this limitation, in the longer term I am looking at using 
rsync to backup to either a co-located server or removable hard-drives.



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