[Samba] BackupExec Agent on Samba

Kevin Bramblett kbramblett at dssresearch.com
Fri Jun 18 14:25:27 GMT 2004

Is there an improved BackupExec Unix agent available that works with Samba?
If not, can someone tell me how to work around the lack of the archive bit
that Linux has?  In particular, RedHat Linux 7.2 is the system I'm looking
for help on.

I found the following hints in an older version of this newsletter, Samba
Digest, Vol. 3, Issue 34, sent March 21, 2003, that had this in it:

Yes, we have been using the Linux agent for some time now on 3 of our 
Samba servers with BackupExec 8.5 on NT. It works well, once you figure 
out how to adjust the backup scheme to take into account the lack of an 
archive bit, which limits the types of backups that can be done.

This was submitted by Shawn Wright.  Andrew Barbara immediately posted a
question about how Shawn had solved his problem, but I have found no reply
since then.  If these people or anyone else has solved the same problem,
please respond.

Kevin Bramblett

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