[Samba] Using top with Samba

keith_allen at safeway.co.uk keith_allen at safeway.co.uk
Fri Jun 4 13:51:50 GMT 2004

I have set up s 2.2.8a samba server running on a Sles8 on a VM on an
Z-series running OS390. I currently have 200 users on the server with 120
concurrent users accessing filoes to date. It all seems to be working well.
I use top to monitor proccesses the question I have is, can you configure
the width of the field's in top i.e I need to be able to make the USER field
wider because I cannot see the user ids all I am currently getting is:-
i.e the domain name and the first letter of the user Id
Sorry if this is more of a linux question rather than Samba, the other
question could be what do others user to monitor Samba.
Thanks very much
Keith Allen

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