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Andrei Mikhailovsky andrei at arhont.com
Sat Jan 31 01:18:05 GMT 2004

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Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
| Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:
|> Thanks a lot for the help.
| Please always reply to list. Often I don't get private mails while I
| am on travel. But sometimes I can scan the list (via its web interface)
| while "on the road".
|> When I was initially installing the drivers, I was following a how-to
|> that didn't specify that you need exact order for the driver files.
| It does. It does so in very much detail. I spent my complete annual
| holiday last summer to find everything out and write it down as a
| documentation. So don't tell me it doesn't specify the exact order,
| because I know it went into my draft at more than 1 place.
Sorry for not making it clear earlier on, I have followed a 3rd party
how-to that i've found by google-ing. After i have followed your how-to
(for which I am very thankful) I've managed to install printer drivers.
I've followed the following procedure:

1. to get windows drivers files i've used:
rpcclient -U'user%pass' -c \
	'getdriver "Samsung 4500" 3' TURBO_XP

2. Then i've downloaded drivers from windows machine:
smbclient //TURBO_XP/print\$ -U'user%pass' \
~   -c 'cd W32X86/2; mget *'

3. Upload files to samba print$:
smbclient //SAMBA-CUPS/print\$ -U'user%pass' -c \
~  'cd W32X86; mput *'

4. Added printer driver:

rpcclient -Uuser%pass -c 'adddriver "Windows NT x86" \
~  "Samsung: file1:file2,etc.."'
where the file order is as following:
Driver File Name:Data File Name:Config File Name:Help File Name:Language
Monitor Name:Default Data Type:

The driver files where added successfully:
Printer Driver Samsung successfully installed

5. Checking samba server for driver succeded:
rpcclient -U'user%pass' -c 'enumdrivers' SAMBA-server

[Windows NT x86]
Printer Driver Info 1:
~        Driver Name: [Samsung]

6.Setting driver to printer:
rpcclient -U'user%pass' -c 'setdriver Samsung Samsung' SAMBA-server

As far as i can see from the how-to the server side setup is finished.

Now, from the client side, i should double click on the printer and
windows should fetch the driver and install it. When I do this, windows
2000/XP responds that unable to find driver, do you want to make a local
search for driver. However, if i check the properties for the printer, i
can see that the driver is there and that it is available for the right

But if I use the windows Add printer wizard to install the same driver
to samba print$ share, the printer driver gets installed perfectly; i.e.
rpcclient -U'user%pass' -c 'enumdrivers' SAMBA-server

[Windows NT x86]
Printer Driver Info 1:
~        Driver Name: [Samsung]

as well as the drivers are placed in exactly the same location as they
where using samba setup procedure that i've mentioned above. I don't
actually know what might be the difference between the driver
installation between windows Add printer wizard and samba rpcclient.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? As I prefer not to use
windows at all possible costs, i would really like to sort out the
printer installation by using command line on linux rather then
fluff-clicking on windows.

Thanks for all the help!

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