[Samba] Need help with advanced PDF printing

Jason Balicki kodak at frontierhomemortgage.com
Fri Jan 30 21:56:17 GMT 2004


I've got Samba doing PDF printing (via cups) and everything
works just fine.

However, I have a dumb application that calls microsoft word
to print documents, and each document is handled as a seperate
print job.  Consequently, I end up with multiple PDFs that
should all be a single document.

I know how to combine them by hand (pdf2ps document.pdf;
pdf2ps document2.pdf ; cat document.ps document2.ps > \
bigdoc.ps ; ps2pdf bigdoc.ps) but my users do not
have command line access (nor do I want them to).

Has anyone built a "pdf combiner" that can do this

I'm thinking I can do something with PHP to have the
user upload to a server, then have the unix tools
do the combining automaticaly and then offer the
combined pdf for download, but if someone has already
done this I wouldn't have to waste any time...

Thanks in advance...


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