[Samba] Samba] Samba3 Printer drivers installation

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Jan 31 02:09:06 GMT 2004

Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:


> |> When I was initially installing the drivers, I was following a how-to
> |> that didn't specify that you need exact order for the driver files.
> |>
> |
> | It does. It does so in very much detail. I spent my complete annual
> | holiday last summer to find everything out and write it down as a
> | documentation. So don't tell me it doesn't specify the exact order,
> | because I know it went into my draft at more than 1 place.
> |
> Sorry for not making it clear earlier on, I have followed a 3rd party
> how-to that i've found by google-ing.

So why am *I* receiving the support call for that 3rd party doco??


> As far as i can see from the how-to the server side setup is finished.
> Now, from the client side, i should double click on the printer

This is not a piece I ever advocated, exactly because it doesn't
work reliably. Re-read the docu and find the following steps (quoted
from memory).

* browse to Samba in network neighbourhood.

* open "Printers and Faxes" folder

* right-click printer and select "Connect..." or "Install..."

> windows should fetch the driver and install it. When I do this, windows
> 2000/XP responds that unable to find driver, do you want to make a local
> search for driver. However, if i check the properties for the printer, i
> can see that the driver is there and that it is available for the right
> architecture.

Find the different places which (redundantly) hint to the need to...

* make sure to do the first installation on any Win client as a
   "printer admin" user, and

* tickle the driver into a valid device mode by "executing" it once
   on a Win machine, before you start offering it to normal users for

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