[Samba] Weird problem with ADS support - Samba 3.0.1 - win2k3

Ron Gage ron at rongage.org
Mon Jan 26 01:15:08 GMT 2004

Ok, this one has me stumped...

I am implementing 3.0.1 on a new machine - Slackware 9 based.

Got everything compiled (OpenLDAP, Kerberos 5) and installed

Kerberos pulls the ticket without problem.  The samba machine joins the domain 
without any difficulties.

Here is where it gets weird.  From the Win2k3 DC, I can not browse the samba 
machine - won't recognize passwords.  However, from the samba client, I can 
use domain accounts without trouble.

In other words, domain user ron can not log into the samba machine from 
Win2k3, but the same domain user can log in via smbclient on the server 
hosting samba.  I know that it's the domain user too, since I did a password 
change on the domain user (in win2k3) and the changed password follows to the 

Before anyone asks, yes, I do have "client use spnego" set to yes in the 
smb.conf file...  I have also tried using both the default winbind separator 
"\" as well as "+" - no difference.

Anyone have any hints on where I should look for this one????

Ron Gage - LPIC1, MCP, A+, Net+
Pontiac, Michigan

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