[Samba] My story installing Samba-LDAP PDC (it has a happy en ding )

Eyon, Tae TEyon at wa.aacisd.com
Sun Jan 25 23:54:15 GMT 2004

>fix the groupmap stuff last - it's one of the least important things. >It 
>has nothing to do with whether you can connect a windows computer to >the 
>The most important thing is to get LDAP working correctly and if you >are 
>trying to learn LDAP and Samba at the same time, why would you not 
>expect your mind to go numb. LDAP is the single hardest thing to 
>configure and you have to make that work first. Learn how to access >your 
>LDAP server...how to create new records, delete records and modify 
>records from command line - there are no shortcuts. When you get that 
>under control, set your computer up to do authentication (posix) via 
>LDAP / nsswitch / ldap.conf. When you can access mail, log in at >console 
>and via ssh on account that only exists in LDAP (not in /etc/passwd), 
>then you know enough to integrate Samba. This is simply not something 
>that you can fake your way into learning or getting lucky and making it 

i agree with you that ldap is hardest thing i've attmpted to configure.
samba is already working in my setup as the pdc for a mixed mode
environment, i just wanted to switch the backend to ldap.  

since i'm attempting this(ldap) for the first time i've set this up on
another machine from scratch and already populated the database before i was
aware of the gui's (i now use browser). the search functions return
everything i've enterd and i'm already at the point you've suggested. i had
thought that these nt groups were required to be present for the windows
machines to function completly?

i'll take another look at my setup with a fresh mind and hopefully i'll find
the solution


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