AW: [Samba] unicode conversion solved

Markus Thüer zzz at
Fri Jan 23 20:06:01 GMT 2004

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> Was it CP850 (e.g. default client charset for Samba 2.2) ?
> You can check it by running testparm -v if you still have 
> your samba 2 
> binaries around, on the old smb.conf.
> If yes, remember that cp850 != iso-8859-1.
> See 

>Does convmv know how to remap cp850 to UTF-8 (never tested it ?)

It has the option: convmv -f cp850 -t utf8  so it should work

Thanks to your hints I found a way to get the german umlaute back, which
were ok with Samba 2.2.8.   :-))  I did set unix charset and dos charset
to cp850 and it worked. So I have all filenames back in the right
It should also work with the french acents. 

For converting them to UTF-8 I just take a workaround:  
I load them down to a WinClient and set Samba to UTF-8 default settings
and than load all the file from the WinClient up to the Samba Share. 
So Samba is running with unicode to avoid future troubles.   

Many thanks for all hints.


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